Caroline Cunningham is the author of ‘Wild Star Landing’ featuring ‘Journey In Peru’ among other adventures, poetry and books.


‘My travels in Peru inspired the writing of my first novel which commenced moments before I set foot on Peruvian soil. A year later, I returned to find out more about this intriguing culture, hence the creation of my first writers blog (in 2013) and my ‘Journey in Peru’ articles which achieved some acclaim’. My time spent in Peru’s Sacred Valley was very special, I not only learned to speak Spanish, I made enduring friendships and have much respect for the culture of Peru.

I’m a passionate speaker and love to encourage people to follow their dreams and be authentic (true to themselves). I have been invited to speak on local radio and TV to talk about my adventures and projects. I have also presented reflexology and self-care workshops at national events. Along with a previous career in the teaching of Science and Maths I presented astronomy to children in Irish schools in the Irish and English language.

I am an artist and a holistic therapist, owner/founder of ‘Authentic Reflexology’.

Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote is most inspiring to me: ‘The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.’ Do what you love, it will take you to unexpected places. My fortune lies in my constant dedication to what I love.

All articles, poetry and photography on this website are my own original work (unless otherwise credited) I urge you to be respectful of this. Should you wish to publish my work please contact me here.

I am open to all offers of sponsorship for travel and hospitality related reviews.

I am especially open to interest from agents and publishers of novel writing and poetry.

In 2017, I have launched my first book of poetry ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ – take a look and buy the book – visit store.

Wild Star Landing (Blog) has featured in Ireland Blog Awards in 2015 and 2016 in the categories ‘Best Travel Blog’ and ‘Best Personal Blog Article.’

The title ‘Wild Star Landing’ originates from a line in a poem also written by the author!


Blog-Awards 2016_Shortlist

Short List 2016

Three Times Finalist In Ireland Blog Awards 2015

Three Times Finalist In Ireland Blog Awards 2015

Best Travel Blog in Irish Blog Awards 2015 - Long List

Best Travel Blog in Irish Blog Awards 2015 – Long List

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    1. Wild Star Landing Post author

      Gloria I have just read your wonderful glowing review of my poetry book The Whisperings of Nature. This is my first book review. Thank you so much for providing this. Your account is so appropriate to my intentions for the book itself. Got a bit emotional reading it. Just very special moment. It’s a big achievement. Thank you for your support in both my art and written works


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