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Irelands Summer Solstice

Since writing this poem in 2015, I have become a self-published author! My book ‘The Whisperings of Nature’ was launched in April 2017 and is available via my on-line shop.

The poetry in this book are inspired by nature, offering comfort, wisdom and inspiration. Irelands Summer Solstice is one of the poems in The Whisperings of Nature.

Here you can decide if indeed my poetry is for you or someone in your life who appreciates Nature as I do.

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Summer Solstice Ireland


Moving through Irelands Summer’s Solstice,

We are graced with extraordinary light,

Our Earthly position points us steadily towards our closest star.

This is a time of gratitude,

Long may this feeling last,

I can sit outside my door and breath and glow,

With loose shoulders and a happy heart.

I am absorbing and storing this feeling

As I am not so fond of the damp, cold, darkness of Irish winter

The last sliver of light in the clouded horizon taunts me to accept the extreme,

As I learn to accept the extremes of my own temperament.

Winter will bring the excuse for fires and stories,

For some, the excuse to hold on tighter to the one most loved.

I hold that image of the summer’s night time mountain

This is the reward for a long nights work.

The Solstice Sky reflects an ocean of foreverness

And I am endlessly lost and found in the depths of it.

Divinely connected to the billions

Threading the sphere of our existence,

Long may this feeling last.

Happy is my heart.

© Caroline Cunningham

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A long walk to freedom from Capetown’s Sunset

‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ in the movies brought back memories of my time in South Africa’s Capetown in 1999. I was invited to a wedding (friends of my brother getting married there) at a time when I was at a turning point in my life. The sight of the Table Mountain resting against the sky of the big screen, recalled the view from the very edge of it, where I beheld my first impression of the world’s end. Oceans stretched out in almost every direction as far as my eyes could see and the earth was certainly round according to its horizon.

I must have been asleep for most of my life ‘til then, as the extent of the struggles of this country and its people had not hit me, in the remarkable way that it did, until after I read that book. A visit to Robben Island brought it strikingly home and from there I brought with me Nelson Mandala’s ‘Long Walk To Freedom’.

Weddings are fun occasions and I was fortunate to be included amongst this merry group of souls. It was also a time of contemplation, a breathing space because this was the beginning of my long walk to personal freedom. To read about a man whose vision helped to overturn what seemed like impossibilities, put things in a new perspective for me.

At last, I had a role model, proof that my own little struggles, which seemed big at the time, could also be overturned. I determined to be clear about my own vision and apply the same integrity and belief as this man did no matter how long it took to achieve my goal. I am so grateful to this wonderful man whose soul has now returned to an even freer state of being.

As part of the wedding festivities, our group took an impromptu cruise in Capetown’s magical harbour just before sunset. Laughter eased and silence descended as we took our favourite spots on board the yacht and absorbed the bowing out of our solar systems greatest (and only) star.

Capetown Sunset – Painting – Caroline Cunningham 1999

The sun slipping below the sky and water casting waves of orange and scarlet ribbons in our direction, sub-dued us even more. As the last peep of it seeped away and those waves darkened to a murky realm, I turned to face the harbour once more. I was charmed at once. While our sun was staging its finale, the city behind us had been arranging it’s after party.

That is when I took my pen from my pocket and began to write this poem.   

   Capetown Sunset

I can see it,

I can almost touch it,

But I can feel it,

It’s flashing pulse reaching out,

Resounding magic

In a charming ring of light;

Now comes the night

  © Caroline Cunningham 1999

Capetown Sunset a Poem by Caroline Cunningham Author of Wild Star Landing Blog

Capetown Sunset a Poem by Caroline Cunningham Author of Wild Star Landing Blog

Break-through painting by Caroline Cunningham 1999 Author of Wild Star Landing Blog

Break-through painting by Caroline Cunningham 1999 Author of Wild Star Landing Blog

Still walking the long walk….but getting places….

Copyright Caroline Cunningham 2014