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A Creative Surge!

Something different sure is underfoot in Ireland right now!

With the recent launch of Creative Ireland initiative as a plan to put the ‘Arts’ at the heart of Irish living, acknowledging its important role for wellbeing, creative thinking and economy, this is only the start.


Co-inciding with a major boost in awareness around positive thinking, shining a light on mental health and the holistic approach to living, we are seeing a vibrant energetic drive across all sectors to breath new life into communities and our economy.

A shining example, is the work of Art Bank Bunclody volenteer initiative, now in its second year and already seeing a huge impact on the small Wexford town that is newly rising from it’s ashes.

I’m proud to be featured in Art Bank’s latest exhibition running until August 23rd, 2017.

We had much antics with the dodgey policemen patroling the street on the night!

Check out Art Bank Bunclody, Co. Wexford.

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Thank you for visiting! Are you seeing a rise in creative ventures and positivity in your part of our planet? Let’s know…..leave a comment (:



Harley’s and Rum – Journey In Peru

I was easily distracted from packing my bags. My friends knew I was going home soon but they only spoke of my return. One female friend insisted that it would be very soon. When I argued that it would take a lot of work and saving for that to happen she said to me ‘OK! I give you two years and then you return.’ Two years seemed like a long time then but it has already passed and I have not yet made the trip. It will happen.

Catty and Liz invited me to join them at the Coffee Tree. It was quiet that evening, early September. The season was settling to a slower pace of visitors. Twilight was setting itself for transition to starlight mode. Alex joined us as we sat outside.

I had a surprise which I revealed from my coat pocket. I had spotted it earlier in the Pacha Mama Shop. A bottle of ‘Abuelo’ Rum. I had been planning on giving it to Henry the owner of Casa Del Abuelo, one of my home’s in Ollantaytambo. I showed it to my friends. They were very impressed with the label and we laughed about my idea of giving it as a gift to Henry, the husband of Catty. ‘I think we will have to try it first,’ I hinted. They were all in agreement. Alex went to get the glasses with some coke and ice. It certainly went down well. ‘Henry will never know,’ Catty giggled as we drained the last drops between us.

Just then some bikers hauled into the Plaza De Armas, parking just across from us. ‘Motor Cycles!’ Catty cried in glee. ‘Harley Davidsons!’ I exclaimed. We crossed the square to take a closer look. The owners of the Harleys had made their way from Chile. They certainly didn’t mind our interest and allowed us to pose for photographs.

Journey In Peru

Journey In Peru

It was my second last night in Ollantaytambo. It contributed a mellow setting for the ending of this story in which I had placed myself. I recalled that first week, as I sat huddling in the square, thanking Venus for its familiarity and despairing at the silent sun’s rapid descent. A drama had unfolded. It had all the highs and lows of any tale that has ever been worthy of expression. But it was I who lived it, I who told it and the imprint is forever with me.

© Caroline Cunningham Author Of Wild Star Landing (Blog)

Ollantaytambo Peru

Ollantaytambo Peru

The Silent Sun – Peru’s Sacred Valley Story Book Town

The silent Sun was dropping slowly from the winter sky as I entered the square. Colour drained from the surface of the mountain walls.

Quietly I sat myself on the only vacant bench. My first week in this Sacred Valley Peruvian town, everything so new to me, I sat there wondering about it all.

The disappearance of the Sun was dramatic in its silence. It slipped prematurely from my sight. The mountain walls protruded more sternly now, their peaks appearing more dagger-like with keen edges.

Plaza De Armas Ollantaytambo, Cuzco Region Peru.

Plaza De Armas Ollantaytambo, Cuzco Region Peru.

Town folk lingered at the corners of the plaza perhaps speculating on the going’s on of the day. Some older men sat staring into space from a bench on the opposite side of the platform.

Other folk, mainly women, stood alongside mobile stalls, preparing hot drinks for the night time trade.

I huddled more snuggly into the folds of my clothing. It was suddenly a lot colder. The sun not only deprived me of its light, it took with it the warmth I craved. A town dog must have sensed my plea, as it wandered from its pals and came to rest curled up at my feet.

Darkness was taking hold of the sky. I gazed upwards. A jagged rim of mountain peaks framed

Plaza De Armas, Ollantaytambo Peru - Sacred Valley Stories

Plaza De Armas, Ollantaytambo Peru – Sacred Valley Stories

the dusky blue. It was like peering from the inside of a caustic cauldron out into the atmosphere.

I gave my senses to the newly rising stars. Venus had already taken pride of place. It dangled heavily above and beyond The Coffee Tree in the direction of the Fortaleza. I sighed in gratitude. Venus, my familiar friend would not forsake me.

Ten thousand miles from home, in this story book town of Ollantaytambo, Peru, I had made a few connections already but we were vastly unfamiliar.  I was just another stranger, probably intent on passing through, like all the others.

I struggled to learn the Spanish language more quickly so as to remove the tight girdles that robbed my personality. People were kindly towards me. I reciprocated the kindliness as best I could whilst treading carefully amidst a culture that I could not yet expect to fully understand.

Peru's Story Book Town of Ollantaytambo in The Sacred Valley

Peru’s Story Book Town of Ollantaytambo in The Sacred Valley

The darkness closed more tightly around the diamond stars. A little auto-taxi came rushing through from an artery of the plaza, interrupting my thoughts and the otherwise hushed surroundings. It seemed somebody somewhere had more important business to be doing.

It was time to move along. ‘Maňana,’ I told myself, ‘I’ll return tomorrow evening to assess my situation’.

Night Fall in Ollantaytambo Peru

Night Fall in Ollantaytambo Peru

Venus above the Fortaleza in Ollantaytambo, Peru

Venus above the Fortaleza in Ollantaytambo, Peru

The stranger slowly left the scene, little realising she was walking through the pages in which her part had already been neatly included throughout chapters and sentences, between full stops and capital letters.

A new day was on its way. Another page was waiting to be turned in this story of an Irish woman’s journey in a Peruvian Town.

©Caroline Cunningham Author of Wild Star Landing Blog

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Irish Blog Awards 2015

Irish Blog Awards 2015

Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Blog Awards Ireland 2015

Caroline Cunningham is a Carlow based Irish Writer and author of Wild Star Landing Blog which features ‘Journey In Peru’ stories. Caroline is also an artist and reflexology therapist (Authentic Reflexology).

A long walk to freedom from Capetown’s Sunset

‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom’ in the movies brought back memories of my time in South Africa’s Capetown in 1999. I was invited to a wedding (friends of my brother getting married there) at a time when I was at a turning point in my life. The sight of the Table Mountain resting against the sky of the big screen, recalled the view from the very edge of it, where I beheld my first impression of the world’s end. Oceans stretched out in almost every direction as far as my eyes could see and the earth was certainly round according to its horizon.

I must have been asleep for most of my life ‘til then, as the extent of the struggles of this country and its people had not hit me, in the remarkable way that it did, until after I read that book. A visit to Robben Island brought it strikingly home and from there I brought with me Nelson Mandala’s ‘Long Walk To Freedom’.

Weddings are fun occasions and I was fortunate to be included amongst this merry group of souls. It was also a time of contemplation, a breathing space because this was the beginning of my long walk to personal freedom. To read about a man whose vision helped to overturn what seemed like impossibilities, put things in a new perspective for me.

At last, I had a role model, proof that my own little struggles, which seemed big at the time, could also be overturned. I determined to be clear about my own vision and apply the same integrity and belief as this man did no matter how long it took to achieve my goal. I am so grateful to this wonderful man whose soul has now returned to an even freer state of being.

As part of the wedding festivities, our group took an impromptu cruise in Capetown’s magical harbour just before sunset. Laughter eased and silence descended as we took our favourite spots on board the yacht and absorbed the bowing out of our solar systems greatest (and only) star.

Capetown Sunset – Painting – Caroline Cunningham 1999

The sun slipping below the sky and water casting waves of orange and scarlet ribbons in our direction, sub-dued us even more. As the last peep of it seeped away and those waves darkened to a murky realm, I turned to face the harbour once more. I was charmed at once. While our sun was staging its finale, the city behind us had been arranging it’s after party.

That is when I took my pen from my pocket and began to write this poem.   

   Capetown Sunset

I can see it,

I can almost touch it,

But I can feel it,

It’s flashing pulse reaching out,

Resounding magic

In a charming ring of light;

Now comes the night

  © Caroline Cunningham 1999

Capetown Sunset a Poem by Caroline Cunningham Author of Wild Star Landing Blog

Capetown Sunset a Poem by Caroline Cunningham Author of Wild Star Landing Blog

Break-through painting by Caroline Cunningham 1999 Author of Wild Star Landing Blog

Break-through painting by Caroline Cunningham 1999 Author of Wild Star Landing Blog

Still walking the long walk….but getting places….

Copyright Caroline Cunningham 2014