Caroline in the Algarve

Dear readers,

Sorry for abandoning you for so long. I have spent the last 2 years creating an art collection dedicated to the sacred lives of trees, writing and self-publishing three books, exhibiting at least ten times, caring for my reflexology clients, appearing on national tv and local radio, writing numerous blogs for my business website and marketing in a very strategic and consistenct way (more than ever before).

I miss my compulsive writing on these blogs, but I had to focus on real stuff of being able to buy cornflakes and regular life essentials.

I also sold my home again. So I decided to take a trip…… Portugal. It’s a lot closer to home compared to Peru…even though I long to visit my friends there again.

I found a beautiful charming village in the Algarve. It is with reluctance that I share the details with you as in truth I want it all to myself, just the way it is, I have never felt so selfish about a place. But I’ve decided it’s time to overcome this childish streak.

So my most favourite place of all is the picturesque fishing village of Carvoeiro!

I have visited a number of times and I am seeking ways to make this a more permanent base from which to do my work as a writer, artist and reflexology therapist.

In recent times my services as a blogger and social media savvy gal, have been sought after by clients who just need some guideance and instruction to get going with their own personal or business goals. Because of my long term studies and graduations I have very unique knowledge base and experience to provide excellent support in a caring and encouraging manner.

Authentic Path Algarve Beach

I love to inspire others in their healing journey, creative path, personal development and wellbeing.

Get in touch if you would like to avail of my services for your well-being or business goals – CONTACT CAROLINE

© Caroline Cunningham

Inspring your Authentic Path

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LIEBSTER AWARD – Thank You Gloria

I’d like to thank Gloria Mc Breen of We Are Holistic (Blog) for nominating me for this esteemed Blogging Award!

I started blogging in August of 2013 while I was travelling in Peru. Gloria was one of the first people to ‘follow’ my blog.

In recent years we discovered each other in other social networks. Gloria has since reviewed my first published book (poetry) on her blog and has also purchased my art work for her home.

I am honoured that she has now included me for this Liebster Award. 

Visit Gloria’s We Are Holistic Blog when you are finished here.

Liebster Award Image


1. When are you at your happiest?

I’m at my happiest when I am on an adventure, revelling in the experience of new cultures and the freedom of wide open spaces and wilderness. I’m at my second happiest when sharing those experiences with others through my writing and other art forms, especially through song.

2. If you were to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, whose would it be?

I’d be interested to walk a mile in the shoes of one of our international space stations astronauts. I imagine that seeing our planet from a distance, would significantly boost my awareness and desire to improve life on earth.  Alternatively, I would be interested to walk in the path of a Sadhu priest in India.

3. What’s usually the first thing to pop into your mind when you wake up each morning?

Waking up in morning, I like to listen to the birds for a while. As I love my work, I am usually excited about the opportunity to create and connect with others.

4. What’s your biggest regret in life? If any!

I think regret is a waste of time. I say with compassion, ‘I could not have learned any faster, the things I needed to understand in order to overcome the impact of negative experiences in my life’.

5. If you were to be reincarnated as an animal, what animal would you like to be and why?

I’d love to be a humming-bird living in the tropics. I saw one once, before my eyes, in Peru, and it was magical.

Humming Bird copyright Johnlric

6. What’s your favourite smell and why?

I love the smell of the earth after heavy rain. It just feels good and reminds me that I am part of that same earth. I also love the smell of freshly ground coffee the warm cotton air of laundrettes and the salt water effects of ocean connecting with rocks.

7. Are you a slow writer or can you whip up a good post in a couple of hours?

I’m an agitated writer. I sometimes feel that I am being instructed to write and I don’t rest until it’s done. Often I cannot get the words out fast enough. It’s a wonderful feeling to communicate creativity.

8. What household chore do you hate doing most? Or is there one you actually enjoy? 

It’s probably the one I do the least, cleaning windows.

9. What colour dominates your wardrobe?

I go through colour phases. Purple has been completed and I think I’ve entered the amber phase but turquoise is a constant and naturally it is linked with throat/communications chakra.

10. What’s your laugh type? Quiet & Polite, loud & boisterous, more of a chuckle, or a musical ha ha ha ha?

I’m the musical laugh for sure. In the past my laugh was loud and suggestive. I’ve since changed my ways towards being truer to myself. I have more appreciation for creativity and knowledge now and nothing to prove to anyone except myself.

11. Are you a romantic?

Through to my blood and bones and all my atoms and quarks, I am seriously and fantastically romantic!

Journey In Peru – Wild Star Landing


The Liebster award is given to bloggers by other bloggers. The idea is to welcome new bloggers into the blogging world and help them to get noticed. However, it seems that anyone, established or starting, out can be nominated.

The word “liebster” originates from Germany and has several meanings:

 welcome, sweetest, pleasant, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, valued, cute, kindest and endearing

The blogger who nominates you asks 11 questions of their choice. In return you nominate 5-11 bloggers with your own 11 questions.

There is no obligation to accept, but since it’s nice to be asked, it’s nice to keep it going.


I’ve found that the rules vary slightly but they’re all similar!

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the person asked you.
  • Nominate 5-11 people (comment on their blog to let them know).
  • Ask the people you have nominated 11 questions.
  • List these rules in your post.
  • And most importantly……. Have fun!

It is my pleasure to nominate the following bloggers for Liebster Award:

Sarah Vernon – First Night Design

Janet Weight Reed – My Life as an Artist

Pat O’Carroll – Art In Many Forms

Deborah Byrne – DB Psychology

Krystal Long – Krystal’s Journal

Brenda Bergin – Digigran Biz

Miriam Mc Guirk – Miriams Blog

Kerry Manning – Fabulicious Fifty

Caroline’s 11 Questions to nominated bloggers:

  1. What inspired you to start your very first blog?
  2. If you could live in another country where would you live and why?
  3. What historical or living female (non-relative) has inspired you (same question to male and female bloggers) ?
  4. What was the scariest experience you ever had?
  5. If you are a coffee, tea or red wine drinker what country origin of any of these do you prefer and why ?
  6. Did you ever own a goldfish and have you a funny story to share about that goldfish?
  7. What is your favourite fairytale and why?
  8. Who is your favourite visual artist and why?
  9. What is your favourite romantic song in terms of lyrics?
  10. What life achievement are you most proud of so far?
  11. If you won one million in the lotto tomorrow what one purchased gift would you give yourself (not charity)?

Thank you again to Gloria Mc Breen for this award – We Are Holistic Blog

Thank you for reading!

What answers would you give to my questions to award nominees?

Caroline Cunningham

Author, Artist, Blogger, Authentic Reflexology Therapist.

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Mansion House Celebrating Peru In Ireland 

I feel honoured to have been invited to this special celebration in The Mansion House Dublin, Ireland (during August 2017).

Casa Ireland in Peru with Erica Pena as it’s chief organiser, are the group who have made all of this happen. The efforts of the group, which brings together a community of Peruvians living in Ireland, are gaining momentum. 

At this most recent celebration in the residency of Dublins Lord Mayor, the Cuban Ambassador, as a representative of Latin America, addressed the invited guests. 

It was announced that Peruvians will soon have Embassy representation in Ireland. Presently London is the closest embassy as their point of contact. 

Mexico is the location of the Irish embassy which caters for Peru. Thanks to Irish President Michael Higgins visit to Peru earlier this year, relations between the two countries have strengthened. 

Peru is a country with a growing economy, rich in culture which in many ways matches that of the Irish in terms of its passion for music, dance and food. The people are equally friendly and fun-loving. 

Ireland Celebrates Peru

I’ve been invited to the Mansion House! Dublin’s cities residence of The Lord Mayor is the venue for a special celebration of Peruvian culture in Ireland soon. I have, in recent months, connected with a vibrant group of Peruvians living in Ireland.

In June 2017, I attended dance rehearsals with members of the facebook group ‘Casa Peru in Ireland’. At the end of that month we performed on the streets of Dublin, show-casing the traditional dances of Peru.

This was also a way for me to show my friends back in Peru that my time spent amongst them, as an adventurer and writer, has not been forgotten.

‘Stories are my thing and I seek the positive and beautiful even in the darkest of places.’

In fact, it is my wish to publish my travel memoir from that time. I refer to it as my ‘Journey in Peru’ story. It has been featured on this blog ‘Wild Star Landing’ and has also been listed in Ireland Blog Awards in the last few years running. Take note if indeed you are a publisher or agent, we could be a team! (:

‘I was always writing but I could say I ‘BECAME’  a writer when I landed in Peru.’

Flashmob 2

Peru is the country that propelled me into the world of writing. I was always writing but I could say I ‘BECAME’  a writer when I landed in Peru. I have been twice to that magnificent land as a result of this writng ‘fire-spur’.

I would love to return andI would relish any form of sponsorship that would return me there a while longer. I write lovingly about genuine stuff, people, places and culture. Stories are my thing and I seek the positive and beautiful even in the darkest of places.

Fly me  to Peru? Have a heart (:

Can’t wait to visit the Mansion House for celebrations. Will keep you posted!

Thanks for stopping by! Do say hello!

©Caroline Cunningham

Author, Blogger, Artist

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Do you agree?

Itching to write! But something’s stopping me. I’ve worked too long and hard on other stuff (other writing projects, paintings, promoting my work, providing therapy, networking). My brain is saying ‘Stop! Take a break’ and another part is saying ‘Get on with it, you’re not going to survive if you sit still!’.

When it comes to creativity, timing is everything. You create the right space by taking care of yourself. Do you agree?

I’m just writing out loud here in an effort to clear the decks. The thing I love most about writing is the connection it allows me to have with the wider world. That connection is a very special thing. We share so much even though we may be oceans apart. Do you agree?

I am always going to assume from now on that you may be the person who does not agree so fire ahead and rant and rave, just on this post, leave the others alone hahaha! Selective ranting and raving. Do you agree?

So its Friday, I have not co-ordinated a plan yet but I am going to unwind ever so slowly. A break is indeed necessary. It’s Bank Holiday here in Ireland (meaning most people get an extra day off work just because).

August is for me, like an end of year thing, because I am actually a student and have been for many years. September to July are the months of my studies which have transformed me to what you see today. Not like that ‘wan’ years ago, who would hide under a bed so that the world would not see her in anyway good.

Elton Caroline

Now, is a time for reflection. So much has happened in this last 11 months. My sphere has broadened, I’m on the up in lots of ways. I still need more sales to bring more dignity to my efforts but if you are serious about helping in that area I provide excellent value in all my art works and books and its very easy to use my on-line shop.  Do you agree?

I look forward to keeping you posted on the next big news stuff for my creative works.

Have fun everyone. Thank you for stopping by! Do you agree?

© Caroline Cunningham

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A Creative Surge!

Something different sure is underfoot in Ireland right now!

With the recent launch of Creative Ireland initiative as a plan to put the ‘Arts’ at the heart of Irish living, acknowledging its important role for wellbeing, creative thinking and economy, this is only the start.


Co-inciding with a major boost in awareness around positive thinking, shining a light on mental health and the holistic approach to living, we are seeing a vibrant energetic drive across all sectors to breath new life into communities and our economy.

A shining example, is the work of Art Bank Bunclody volenteer initiative, now in its second year and already seeing a huge impact on the small Wexford town that is newly rising from it’s ashes.

I’m proud to be featured in Art Bank’s latest exhibition running until August 23rd, 2017.

We had much antics with the dodgey policemen patroling the street on the night!

Check out Art Bank Bunclody, Co. Wexford.

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Thank you for visiting! Are you seeing a rise in creative ventures and positivity in your part of our planet? Let’s know…..leave a comment (:


Wuthering Wind

We marry the rough and tumble

You and I,

We drift in the babbling wind of a sultry sky,

Distant door chimes softly ringing,

Cohesive synergetic hymning,

Games and ladders

Slides and swings,

Nodding, bobbing, to shore we swim.

Every heart beat, every pulsing rhythm,

Mine, yours and every them,

Parting, joining, shrugging, flinging,

For now and always we are living,

Pulsing, darting, shredding, hearting,

Together, never far removed,

Makes me think ‘so what is freedom’?

When clasped we are by the wuthering wind!

©Copyright Caroline Cunningham 2017

Caroline Cunningham is the Author of The Whisperings of Nature – a collection of 15 Nature-inspired poems offering comfort, wisdom and inspiration – Go Shopping!

Note: Wuthering Wind is not included in The Whisperings of Nature poetry collection.

What are your thoughts on ‘Wuthering Wind’? How does the sound of wind make you feel?