Maintaining Creative Flow is Within Your Control.

Itching to write but I need a break after a lengthy period of working on creative projects (painting and content writing), promoting my work, providing therapy to clients and networking. My brain is saying ‘stop, take a break’ and another part is saying ‘get on with it, you’re not going to survive if you sit still.’

When it comes to creativity, timing is everything. You create the right space by taking care of yourself. Do you agree?

I’m writing here in an effort to clear the decks. The thing I love most about writing is the connection it allows me to have with the wider world. We share so much even though we may be oceans apart. Do you agree?

It’s Friday, I haven’t co-ordinated a plan yet but I am going to unwind ever so slowly. A break is necessary.

Now, is a time for reflection. So much has happened in the last 11 months. My sphere has broadened, I’m on the up in lots of ways. I still need more sales to bring more dignity to my efforts but if you’re serious about helping in that area I provide excellent value in all my art works and books and its very easy to use my on-line shop.

Have fun everyone. Thank you for stopping by.

© Caroline Cunningham

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